I have been a teacher of English for 24 years, a Headteacher for 9 years and, at the age of 48, this much I know about my pre-reading for the researchED 2013 conference.
The Institute of Effective Education’s Dr Jonathan Sharples is a great thinker about educational research. His latest report for NESTA, Evidence for the Frontline is excellent and highly recommended pre-reading for Tom Bennett’s researchED 2013 conference in September. You can access Jonathan’s report below:


The report is an attempt to make some of the rather abstract concepts around evidence-informed practice more accessible and tangible for non-specialists. It looks at different stages of a functioning evidence system – production, synthesis, dissemination and use – and considers what can be done to link research to practice more effectively. It addresses questions such as:

  •  What is evidence-based practice?
  • How do we generate useful evidence for practice?
  • What can be done to make research more accessible to busy professionals?
  • How might we build capacity in professional settings to use research evidence at scale?

Have a read then get your ticket for researchED 2013 – you know you want to!

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