I have been a teacher for 25 years, a Headteacher for 10 years and, at the age of 49, this much I know about finding out what really works when it comes to educational research in schools.

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Do you want to find out what really works?

At a time of shifting tectonic plates in the educational landscape, the evidence provided by high quality research could prove to be a defining factor for school improvement and student success. Our research focus is to train outstanding internally-appointed Research-leads in schools to support the improvement of students’ attainment in English and mathematics GCSE.
Can research provide us with the crucial golden thread that connects school leadership decisions through to successful student outcomes? We think it can and this trial can help prove it.
Do you want to be part of a hugely exciting, and nationally prestigious Randomised Controlled Trial that could shift the landscape of school improvement and benefit the life-chances of students in our schools?
A detailed FAQs document for our project can be found below; further details can be found on the Education Endowment Foundation website: http://educationendowmentfoundation.org.uk/

Expressions of interest should be sent to:


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    1. Your work is really impressive. I totally agree that research based learning does help raise student achievement levels. I am engaged in one such project.I will be sharing details soon .thanks.

  1. I’m frustrated that my daughter’s school isn’t interested. They say that they are currently involved in lots of training, support and development. As a school in special measures with only 25% of children achieving maths and English at A-C, I can’t help but feel that research-based intervention is vital – research already shows that training often lacks ‘stickiness’ for a start! Funny how people still expect to get different results by doing the same damn thing.

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