I have been a teacher for 26 years, a Headteacher for 11 years and, at the age of 50, this much I know about Northern Rocks 2015.
I had the pleasure of presenting at Northern Rocks 2015 yesterday. Huge thanks to Debra Kidd and Emma Hardy for putting together such a treat. After a tough week, it was a delight to be a small part of such a huge celebratory educational community. Here are my slides and accompanying videos, for anyone who is interested…
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Video 1: Lisa modelling her thinking
[wpvideo a6LIixPy]
Video 2: Kallan modelling his thinking
[wpvideo rGpd8tr9]
Video 3: Sir Ken Robinson on the conditions for growth

Video 4: Rita Pierson – every child deserves a champion

Video 5: Joe Strummer, Without people you’re nothing…


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  1. I saw your session at #NRocks last year and definitely made the right decision to see you again yesterday. Thanks for sharing some of your ideas, particularly after what must have been a difficult week. I’ll be trying out the metacognition techniques and will report back!

  2. Dear John, I attended your session at Northern Rocks and was inspired to use the method you showed on answering the exam question. I did it with Y13 Chemistry this morning. They have their final exam this afternoon! I pondered and thought what I could call it as a strategy and decided on WAIT. An acronym for What Am I Thinking.
    Thanks for such an enjoyable session on Saturday.
    Iggy Healey

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