I have been a teacher for 31 years, a head teacher for 16 years and, at the age of 55, this much I know about three funding facts which illustrate why school budgets are a General Election issue for all parties.

  1. In 2007 we had 1,526 students at Huntington School and a curriculum taught by 97 full-time equivalent teachers; in 2019 we have 1,539 students and a curriculum taught by 86 full-time equivalent teachers.
  2. In 2010 we had an annual capital budget of £160,000; in 2011 that was cut to £28,000 p.a. and it is £29,000 p.a. this year.
  3. According to the Bank of England Inflation Calculator, if our total budget had merely kept up with inflation since 2010, we would have nearly £1,000,000 more in our annual budget in 2019.
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