Headteacher in York. All views are my own.


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  1. Jayne Bowman says:

    On your lesson plan (which I like) what do you mean by “bell work”? Informative blog -well done

    • johntomsett says:

      It’s work we want students to begin the moment they enter the room, so that they are working immediately and not chatting for 5 minutes about TOWIE or whatever else was on TV last night; work they would beging the moment the bell goes for the start of the lesson…

      • Victoria says:

        Hello John,

        Thank you so much for writing your book; “this much I know about love over fear”.

        It made me laugh and cry and it has also inspired me to become a better teacher and leader.

        I was wondering what your views are on the increasing deterioration of our young people’s mental health? About 17 people killed themselves every day in the UK in 2013 and 78% were male. It’s a much much bigger national threat than terrorism and yet it hardly ever seems to be discussed.

        I feel that schools should be doing a lot more to help equip our students to deal with difficult emotions, etc.

        Many thanks again,

        Best wishes,

        (Dormers Wells High School, Ealing)

      • johntomsett says:

        Hi Victoria

        As luck wd have it, I am half way through my next book and it is called TMIKA Mind Over Matter, and it focuses upon mental health in schools. The narrative thread is my mother’s life, who had to leave school at 13 with chronic bi-polar, never to return…

        Thanks for reading my first book. So glad you liked it…



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  3. simon webster says:

    In relation to your recent blog regarding Piltdown Golf Club. Gunn Towers July 13th?

  4. Emma says:

    As an ex pupil of Huntington School myself – I was great to read and see Dr Keith Wragg’s legacy and work is still continuing through you. Although I wasn’t an academic pupil, the desire to learn and study was still instilled (I managed to finally get enough qualifications to read Media and Communications at Sunderland and since worked at the BBC). It’s good to see that Huntington still looks after both academic and non-academic students.

  5. Rachel Heys says:

    What a cracking blog- I’m hooked!

  6. Jim ward says:

    I was interested in your Guardian Blog remarks when you said that Principals are putting their pupils first when they prioritise the health and well being of their teachers.
    Teachers who are stressed and don’t feel supported don’t perform effectively and pupil attainment suffers.

  7. Victoria says:

    Hi John,

    Yes what luck! I’ll very much look forward to reading that.

    It was so sad to hear what happened to your Mother in the last few weeks of your Father’s life on Earth. A tragedy.

    I myself was sectioned at age 18 (thankfully I never suffered from mental health problems after leaving the hospital – I’m 33 now) so I feel quite passionately that we should be doing so much in the curriculum about an education in healthy emotional practises.

    I know that as a direct result of suoressing my emotions I made myself ill, perhaps if I had had a an education in emotions o would not have chosen such a damaging course of action.



  8. Debra Rutley says:

    Hello John

    Trying to get in touch with you . We are a newly designated teaching school and I’d love to learn from you. We don’t have a research school near us . We are a large PRU and really interested in mental health.
    Also going to have a send/ Behaviour conference on 29 th June – it would be great if you could talk about mental health and maybe your teaching school contribute

    Would love to talk more and make a connection

    Kind regards

  9. stuart590 says:

    Hi John, really enjoyed your blog about wellbeing. My wife and I operate in the south west of England where share the Inside Out understanding mainly with leaders in education. The quote at the top of your blog tells me that we might be on the same wavelength.
    Our approach is simple:
    – the mind only works one way – inside Out
    – we all have innate wellbeing, or put another way, we’re designed for success
    – when we insightfully see the above for ourselves, then our lives will be led with ease.

    We get great feedback from leaders we work with about feeling more relaxed about things, understanding that they create their own stress, and so on. The stuff they gave to deal with daily still goes on, but there’s a sense of ease about it.

    I’m not ‘touting’for business, John, but wonder if you’re familiar with the Theee Principles or the Inside Out understanding?
    York is a long distance from us (Devon) but we know lots of people who are sharing this approach in your part of the world.

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