This much I know about…the challenge of target setting in schools

I have been a teacher for 26 years, a Headteacher for 11 years and, at the age of 50, this much I know about  the challenge of target setting in schools.

These are testing times. Amidst the chaos of life without National Curriculum levels, 5 A*-C GCSE grades with English & mathematics, Average Total Points Score, Average Capped Total Points Score (best 8), the Ebacc percentage, First Entry, Best Entry, Attainment 8, Performance 8, new Post 16 Accountability Measures, ALPS, average UCAS points, (the other A level points score thing I’ve never got my head around), class-by-class residuals, Performance Related Pay,  etc., etc. I thought it best to turn to Stuart Simmonds, Headteacher at King Edward VII Comprehensive School in Ashford, Kent, for some wisdom…


Do we know what we’re talking about when it comes to assessment? At #TLT14 I’ll be talking about Assessment without NC levels in a Growth Mindset school. How does a school wholly committed to developing a Carol Dweck-inspired Growth Mindset culture shape a new assessment policy? I’ll be exploring the complexities of the language of assessment & effort and asking (rather than answering) the question, How can we be sure we all know what we’re talking about?

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Headteacher in York. All views are my own.
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2 Responses to This much I know about…the challenge of target setting in schools

  1. Carole Herman says:

    Brought a little chuckle to my Saturday morning. Thank you!

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